Henan Museum
Henan Museum received over 70,000 visitors during May Day holiday
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Time: 2023-05-06 11:14:26

Henan Museum received a total of more than 70,000 visitors during the just-concluded five-day break from April 29 to May 3.

Besides the varied exhibitions, including permanent exhibition, special exhibitions as well as temporary exhibitions, what impressed the visitors more were social educational activities, Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra performances, and cultural products, from which visitors gained a lot through this museum journey.

Henan Museum held 3 themed education activities including “Seek for the earliest China--calling for children archaeologists”, “Art creation camp on guarding national treasures-deciphering the Mural Painting of Four Spirits in Clouds” and “National treasures guardians--ancient capital cities along the Yellow River Basin”, youngsters from 6 to 12 and their parents participated the “research & learn” program by themselves to experience archaeology and perceive the charms of cultural relics, which provided them a chance to profoundly experience “ joyful learning” in museums.

Moreover, Henan Museum launched “Song of people--special concert on Labour’s Day”, and Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra gave three performances each day. Bone flute from prehistoric period, music heritage of pre-Qin period, dance & music of Han and Tang dynasties and the Ci in Song dynasty were all reproduced by Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra to interpret ancient Chinese music in an authentic, extraordinary and dynamic manner and audiences remarked that “history resonated in this spring sunshine”.And last but not least, Henan Museum carried out a series of integrated and crossover cultural activities, such as “Museums in the wheat fields”,“Traditional Chinese costume surge--Han Chinese clothing cultural festival” and “Experience three kingdoms culture by touring Xuchang city”. By all those activities, visitors could select and purchase the cultural products attracted them, and more young visitors were attracted by museum activities featured by the key words “traversing, linkage and amazing”, which left every visitor involved an creative and poetic museum memory.