Henan Museum
The special concert of Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra resonates at Tianjin Museum
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Time: 2023-05-29 09:44:38

On the evening of April 30th, Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra of Henan Museum performed the special concert "Appreciating Musical Artifacts, Listening to Ancient Melodies Echoes" at Tianjin Museum. This performance was a elaborately planned immersive ancient music concert in collaboration with Tianjin Museum to complement the exhibition " Sound across thousands of years: selected ancient musical heritage."

 In the exhibition, musical artifacts such as Jiahu bone flutes, WangSun Gao bronze bells, Yellow-glazed flat ewer with dancing design, and pottery musical figurines from the Han dynasty were showcased. The Orchestra presented a rich and cultural music and dance performance based on these musical artifacts, gave the audience a captivating experience.

 "Echo of the Remote Antiquity ", performed with the Jiahu bone flute and prehistoric pottery instruments, conveyed the earliest melodies of Chinese civilization. " The Blue Collar" from the chapter Songs of Zheng in the Book of Songs, was rejuvenated with new vitality in the ancient tones of the bronze bells. The "Huteng Dance" with its Chinese Western Region style, evoked the audience's imagination by vividly depicting the Hu people from the Yellow-glazed flat ewer with dancing design. To provide the Tianjin audience a close encounter with ancient musical artifacts, a special interactive segment called "New Sounds of Ancient Rhythms" was added to the performance. This onstage interactive approach received an enthusiastic response.

Furthermore, during the May Day holiday, Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra presented three additional performances of ancient music at Tianjin Museum. After performances, many audiences were still excited, remarked that "We never expected that an immersive ancient music performance would truly make these artifacts 'come alive'."