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"Historical Concert Hall" - Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra of Henan Museum Performs in Zhengzhou High School
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Time: 2023-05-29 09:49:28

On the evening of April 26th, Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra of Henan Museum was invited to the senior high school section of Zhengzhou Middle School in Hongmei Street campus. The performance brought an elegant cultural and artistic feast to all the teachers and students, with the theme of "Showing the Charm of Millennium Ancient Music and Passing on the Treasures of Huaxia."

The entire performance followed the timeline of historical eras and was divided into five chapters: "Origin of Music: Tracing Prehistoric Sounds," "Rites and Music: Musical heritage of the Pre-Qin Dynasty," "Poetry and Music: Vigorous cultural charm of Han and Tang Dynasties," "Ci of Music: Melodies of the Song Dynasty," and "Appreciation of Music: New Sounds of Ancient Rhythms."

Considering the different needs of students of different ages, Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra selected and arranged repertoire that not only show the restoration of classical ancient music but also incorporate modern compositions based on the preferences of post-2010 students. This combination of the ancient and the modern musics resonated with the students, allowed them to have a better understanding of history, came closer to musical artifacts, and experienced the charm of ancient musical treasures.