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Dragon Boat Festival Gala
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Time: 2023-07-05 16:25:28

Dragon Boat Festival Gala

To let the audience fully experience the enchanting charm of a nocturnal museum visit, on June 22nd, Henan Museum held a themed event called" Dragon Boat Festival: Endless Night."

For this event, the museum adopted the "Exhibition + Special activities" approach, which included a variety of interactive and engaging programs to attract a wide range of visitors.

About exhibitions:


On the night of the event, the museum specifically opened three exhibition halls that were related to the Dragon Boat Festival. Many visitors also chosen to dress in Hanfu(traditional Chinese attire) and immersed themselves in the exhibition halls to deeply learn about the historical artifacts and knowledge.

"Hey, kids! This is like a refrigerator for ancient people, First, they would fill the basin with ice blocks and then place the containers holding the food on top of it". This demonstration took place in front of the “Silver, gold and turquoise inlay square jian”, a guide dressed in Hanfu, like a girl from the Tang Dynasty, used simple and easy-to-understand language to explain the history and significance of these artifacts to children.

In addition to offering services for visiting the exhibition halls and attending free guided tours, Henan museum also organized a " Cultural Relics Check-in" activity within the exhibition halls. Visitors can collect stamps by identifying and locating artifacts with dragon-related elements.

By combining these stamps with other designated stamps, they could exchange them obtain exquisite gifts. A small game design that shifted the audience from passive reception to active exploration, which allowed everyone to appreciate the essence of Chinese spirit and Dragon Boat Festival culture while enjoying a cultural feast.

About the ancient music


On that evening, HuaXia Ancient Music Hall was filled with audience. With the theme of "The Elegance of the Jun-zi," a poetry and music appreciation concert was held to explore the cultural significance of the Dragon Boat Festival through classical poems, renowned ancient music pieces, and interpretations of representative cultural relics. The concert received unanimous praise from the audience.

Distinguished from previous performances, this music concert was jointly presented by the HuaXia Ancient Music Orchestra, the Henan Province Recitation Association, and the Henan Province Oratory Association. It consisted of three chapters, "Dragon Boat Festival Ritual" "The Elegance of the Jun-zi" and "National Spirit," which showcased the festive atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival and the essence of the " Jun-zi " figure. The performance incorporated popular poems such as "Li Sao" "The Roaring of the Sleeping Dragon" and "The First Memorial to the King Before Setting Off for War ". The event fostered frequent interactions between the audience and the performers, thereby increasing everyone's sense of participation and reigniting the audience's love for poetry.

About the delicious food


As night fell, the "Gathering of Delightful Snacks of the Central Plains·Tastes of the Dragon Boat Festival" officially commenced on the western platform of the second floor in the main exhibition hall. Visitors not only had the option to chill their tea using ice buckets but also could experience Tea-whisking of Song Dynasty and the incense lore of the Dragon Boat Festival.

The "Taotie snack street " known as a paradise for foodies. "Four Supernatural Ice Cream with Wadang Elements" "Tiramisu with Henan Museum Logo" "Tree Rings Cake" and " Zongzi Cake of Dragon Boat Festival Limited " were almost considered a must-try for food enthusiasts. Meanwhile, on the first floor, the debut of "Que Mian Que Fen" received much praise on the Dragon Boat Festival. Traditional handcrafted noodle performances fascinated the audience, and curious children eagerly joined the journey of learning these artisanal skills.

About the Attire Feast


Among the various activities, the "Splendid Historical Attire Feast " undoubtedly attracted the highest popularity. On the evening of the event, the courtyard square was packed with spectators, which created an atmosphere reminiscent of ancient streets with attendees dressed in Hanfu seen everywhere.

In terms of presentation, the attire show showcased traditional cloth from multiple dynasties such as Wei and Jin, Tang, Song, and Ming. Models wore exquisite garments and walked on the square-turned-runway, illuminated by soft lighting, creating a captivating blend of traditional culture and contemporary elements, enhancing the humanistic essence of the " Dragon Boat Festival: Endless Night " event.

Wan Jie, the Party secretary of Henan Museum, expressed that more people had a chance to know the museum by opening night tours. In the future, the museum will continue to innovate and enrich its offerings. Projects such as the digitalization of cultural relics for naked-eye 3D displays, nighttime tours, gatherings with Song Dynasty-style, and Lectures on Chinese Ancient Civilization will gradually be incorporated. He hopes that the " Dragon Boat Festival: Endless Night " series of themed activities will become an integral part of fulfilling the public's pursuit of a better life. At the same time, the museum will also create more and better cultural products, continuously striving to capture the historical imprints of a beautiful life and construct scenes of a better life for everyone.