Henan Museum
Delegation of foreign envoys in China visits Henan Museum
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Time: 2023-08-24 00:00:00


The museum tour guide is giving the delegation an introduction of the permanent exhibition.


Foreign envoys in China are taking pictures of the museum treasures.

On August 23, organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and accompanied by Wu Hailong, director of China Public Diplomacy Association, as well as leaders of Henan Foreign Affairs, a delegation of Foreign envoys in China which consists of senior diplomats from more than 20 countries including Guinea-Bissau, Seychelles, Cyprus, Malta,etc, and heads from Beijing Bureau of International Labour Organization, Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank visited Henan Museum of its permanent exhibition “A civilization rises with capitals established in the Central Plain” to immerse themselves in the thousands of years of civilization in the Central Plain. Wan Jie, Party secretary of Henan Museum, and Ma Xiaolin, director of Hnena Museum, greeted all the guests warmly and accompanied the group to tour the museum.

During the tour, the delegation was very interested in the continuous civilization and ancient capital history of the Central Plain, and lost in abundant national treasures such as Jiahu bone flute, the Lotus-Crane  Square Pot, Jade Burial Suit Sewn with Gold Wire and Gold slip for absolving sin of Emperor Wu, furthermore,they were all full of admiration for the long history, profound culture and brilliant achievements of China’s ancient civilization. The concept of harmony in diversity, cultural exchanges and mutual learning conveyed by China’s outstanding traditional culture resonated with all the guests.