Henan Museum
“100th anniversary of the unearthing of the Lotus-Crane Square Pot” commemorative stamp folder and naked-3D digital exhibition were launched at Henan Museum
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Time: 2023-09-07 10:23:37



On August 22, the unveiling ceremony of the“100th anniversary of the unearthing of the Lotus-Crane Square Pot”commemorative stamp folder, and the first showing of naked-eye 3D digital exhibition of those square pots took place at Henan Museum. The pair of the Lotus-Crane Square Pots which originated from the same burial pit, were housed in the Henan Museum and the Beijing Palace Museum respectively, spanned a century, were brought together once again by the technology.

the Lotus-Crane Square Pot, with its exceptional casting techniques, distinctive design style, and rich cultural significance, not only represents the remarkable achievements of ancient Chinese culture but also stands as a testament to the wisdom and art of the Chinese nation, and shows the wisdom and creativity of ancestors, bequeathing a precious spiritual legacy for future generations.


The commemorative stamp folder released this time adopted a bi-fold format, featuring two unique old photographs of the " Lotus-Crane Square Pot ", taken at Henan Museum in the 1930s. These were complemented by the "the Sun Bird" stamp and the special set of stamps featuring "Bronze Artifacts from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty." The design also incorporated architectural elements from both the Henan Museum and the Palace Museum, showcasing an ingeniously crafted and uniquely creative approach.

The "Lotus-Crane Square Pot "naked-eye 3D digital exhibition used advanced naked-eye 3D imaging technology. This technology allowed those square pots from two different locations to reunite across time and space. Audiences could appreciate the exquisite casting techniques and mythological-inspired design of these national treasures, and they observed every intricate detail of the square pot, which led to a deeper understanding of its historical, cultural, and artistic value. This immersive experience facilitated a modern appreciation for the vitality of precious artifacts and cultural spirit.