Masters and Masters - Exhibition on the Paintings of Xu Beihong and French Masters

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2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. "Masters and Masters - Exhibition on the Paintings of Xu Beihong and French Masters" is a gift Exhibition on this occasion. For the first time, the paintings of Mr. Xu Beihong and French masters will be exhibited at the same time, which is a tribute to the pioneers of Chinese modern art.

A total of 123 paintings by Mr. Xu Beihong and French masters are displayed in this exhibition, including the important representative works of four French mentors during Mr. Xu Beihong's study in France. The exhibition reviews Mr. Xu Beihong's exploration experience of art learning in France during his youth, summarizes the historical development context and important achievements of Chinese modern art creation and art education in the first half of the 20th century, and reproduces a landmark history of cultural and art exchange between China and France in this period.

The exhibition is divided into two sections: the first section mainly introduces the special artistic environment in which Xu Beihong chose his painting reference model. The second section compares his representative works with the works of his French mentors.

The exhibition broke the traditional block layout and displayed the works of Xu Beihong and the French masters side by side, bringing the audience back to the art exchange in the early 20th century in the form of Sino French dialogue.