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Towering Trees
Invitation Exhibition of Famous Oil Painters in Henan Province
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Out of a tiny sapling tree grows up,upon a pile of earth a high platform is constructed.A trip to a place as far as thousands of miles,just starts from the first step under feet.
       ——Tao Te Ching
    Since the 20th century, relying on traditional culture and focusing on the trend of contemporary art, Henan oil painters have been going deep into real life to obtain fresh artistic inspiration, trying to catch the beauty of nature, life and humanity of the Central Plain, and depicting the beautiful vision of Henan people's dream pursuit with affectionate brushes.
    On the 101st anniversary of the founding of Communist Party of China July 1st, "Towering Trees - Invitation Exhibition of Famous Oil Painters in Henan Province" was jointly hosted by Henan Museum and Henan Artists Association, which specially invited 16 artists, including Cao Xinlin, Liu Jie and Mao Benhua. Through the 50 oil paintings on display, the exhibition shows mutual reference between profound history and artists 'ingenuity, the prosperity of history and contemporary times, share the beauty of each.

Sketching in Tanghe County, Nanyang City     By Liu Jie

The post-90s generation       By Mao Benhua

On the mountains       By Yu Huijian