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Exhibition on Rare Masks from Central Africa
Source: Henan Museum
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Time: 2017-07-28 09:00:24

Masks have a long history in Africa. Images of women dancing with masks have been found in prehistoric petroglyphs in its south regions. The most stylized and artistically expressive masks are mainly from Sub-Saharan Central and West Africa, which are also the areas where masks are widely prevalent and developing.
African people have created a variety of masks for various religious ceremonies, such as praying for rain, weddings and funerals, sowing and reaping, initiation rites, witchcraft, etc. In addition, masks are often used in the daily life of African tribes.
The exhibition consists of two parts: "Mask Style" and "Mask with Music". More than 130 exhibits from the African hinterland are on display, including exquisite mysterious masks, costumes, musical instruments, music, videos and photos, showcasing the diversity, creativity and rich imagination in African art and civilization.