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Who Tuned the Instrument for New Music Ancient Musical Instrument Unearthed Along the Silk Road
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Time: 2021-01-15 10:32:17

Author: Henan Museum

The Silk Road exerts significant impact upon the evolution of Chinese music culture. Against the backdrop of pursuing the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Henan Museum, based on its years of committed endeavor in the restoration and research of the music artifacts from the central plains of China, sorts through the music culture along the Silk Road, in an attempt to contribute to the grand research program on the Silk Road and restore the audible world with a tradition of thousands of years along the Road.

The book aims to present the historical evolution of the music culture over the thousands of years, highlight the two-way exchange of the music culture along the Silk Road, and manifest the great impact of the Silk Road upon the music culture of China and of the world at large.

The book introduces the four parts.
Part 1: China and Western Regions: Musical Culture Before the Formation of Silk Road.
Part 2: Connection and Introduction: Musical Culture in Western and Eastern Han, Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties.
Part 3: Integration of Different Genres: Prime of Music along the Silk Road in Sui and Tang Dynasties.
Part 4: Pleasant Heavenly Music: Buddhist Music along the Silk Road.