Henan Museum
The Symposium on Archeology by Xu Shunzhan
Time: 2006-05-29 08:00:01
Preface…………Zhang Zhongpei
Issues Concerning Culture of the Neolithic Period in China’s Central Plains

The Entry into Patriarchal Society in the Period of Yangshao

Discussion to A Few Questions on the Late Primitive Society at the Reaches of the Yellow River

The Second Discussion to the Nature of the Society in the Period of Yangshao

Discussion to the Pre-Yangshao Culture

A Witness to the Prehistoric Ethnic Fusion

The Reflection of Prehistoric Ethnic Fusion in Southwestern Henan

A Brief Introduction to Primitive Agriculture

The Creation and Development of Ancient China’s Private Ownership, Currency and Exchange
A Few Issues Concerning the Origins of Civilization

Discussion to the Theory of Exogenous Determination over the Origins of Civilization

Comparisons between Origins of the World Civilization

Contribution to World Civilization by the Different Prehistoric Stages

A Discourse on the Creation, Evolvement and Historical Function of the Ancient Etiquette

The Era of Yellow Emperor Is the Origin of the Chinese Civilization

An Ancient City during the Era of Yellow Emperor Found in Xishan, Zhengzhou

A Further Discussion to the Era of Yellow Emperor, as Regarded as the Origin of the Chinese Civilization

Treating Class Formation and the Foundation of Chiefdom and Kingdom from the Aspect of Dawenkou Culture

The Eight Diagrams and Fortune-telling Tools Some 5,000 Years Ago

A Discourse on the Standardization of the Primitive Religions in Liangzhu Culture

The Doubt about the Small Castle in Wangchenggang, Dengfeng

The Social Form Ahead of the Xia Dynasty

There Was A Federal Reign before Xia Dynasty

The Period of Five Emperors in the Chinese History
Discovery in the Culture of Xia Dynasty I
The Dilemma of the Theory of Xihao about Yanshi

The Confrontation of the Theories of Aodu and Zhenghao

The Earliest Double Capital System in China – Zhenghao & Xihao

A Discourse to the Grandfathers of the Chinese Civilization and the Chinese Descent

A Further Discussion about the Ancestors of the Chinese Civilization and the Chinese Descent

A Discourse of the Legend of the Dragon

The Dragon Culture and the Chinese Nation

About Leize

A Further Discourse on Leize

About the Tomb of Yellow Emperor

The Yellow Emperor’s Capital Youxiong at Xinzheng

The Investigation of the Yellow Emperor’s Residence at Xuanyuanqiu

Chiyou: The Hero Overawing the North

A Discourse to Chiyou’s Tribe

Discussion on the Culture of the Yellow River

The Practical Significance of Scientific Archeology in the Building of the Four Modernizations

An Initial Discourse on Archeology

A Further Discourse on Archeology – In Memoriam of the 65th Anniversary on the Discovery of Yangshao Culture

Marxism and Archeology

The Difference Made by Folklore in Studies of Archeology

About Museum Studies

A Few Points about Development of the Undertaking of Museum

Footprints for 50 Years