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Essence of the Collections of Henan Museum
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By Henan Museum


This book is about the highlights of cultural relics in the collections of Henan Museum. About cherry-picked 170,000 cultural relics were divided into seven chapters according to the categories of the collection: Bronze ware, pottery, jade articles, stone inscription, currency, calligraphy and paintings, and others.

From the prehistoric pottery seven or eight thousand years ago to the heavy bronze ware made during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, from the jade clothes sewn with gold thread in the Western Han Dynasty to the statues in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, from the porcelains in the Tang and Song Dynasties to the calligraphy and paintings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties—all these precious cultural relics are like pearls inlaid in the land of Central Plains radiating dazzling brilliance and testifying the inclusiveness and long-standing traditions in the culture of Central Plains.

Each chapter has a general introduction which combines the historical development and important exploration for the museum collections and categorized cultural relics, fully reflecting the characteristics and scientific research value of the museum collections. Each relic is supported by pictures and texts, showing the name, and place and time of its excavation, and describing its significance in history, science and art. All kinds of fundamental knowledge run through the book can satisfy the needs of readers in different levels.