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The Origins of Chinese Civilisation - Archaeological Treasures from Henan
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Time: 2021-01-21 16:01:56

Author: Henan Museum

National Museum of History and Art, Luxembourg

The 3,100-year-long history of civilisation of the Central Plains has a clear thread of development, which can, hopefully, present a general picture of the development of Chinese civilization. While showcasing splendid achievements made by ancient Chinese on this fertile land, the exhibition is also expected to help the audience acquire a deeper understanding of the long history and time-honoured culture of ancient Henan. This book display a collection of 145 items/sets of cultural heritage from Henan Museum, other museums, and cultural heritage organisations in Henan, dating back to a period of about 3,100 years from the Xia dynasty to the Northern Song dynasty. The purpose is to present the development process of Chinese civilisation from the perspectives of politics, skills and origin and evolution of the spiritual world.