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Authentication Guidance for the Unearthed Shellfish at Archaeological Sites: Freshwater Bivalves
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Time: 2023-01-05 11:25:07

By Hou Yanfeng and Ma Xiaolin


This book offers detailed description for the shapes of comparative specimens of 49 common freshwater bivalve shells unearthed at archaeological sites in China. It is the ABC of the authentication of shellfish unearthed at archaeological sites. 

The right and left shell of each kind of shellfish is accompanied by the sketch the same size as the typical specimen, high-definition colored picture, cuticle-free picture (the shells unearthed at archaeological sites usually have no cuticle), and 3D scanned cross-section of the shell. The smaller shells are accompanied by close-ups clearly showing the main characteristics of this species. If a species has varied shapes, illustrations of multiple specimens are provided.

The archaeological research of shellfish is a branch of zooarchaeology. It serves as an important reference for the inference and reproduction of the natural environment and the relation between mankind and nature at that time.