Henan Museum
Restoration on painting and calligraphic works for Gushi Museum Finished
Edit: Lmy
Time: 2023-05-08 11:11:40

On the afternoon of May 6, Henan Museum successfully accomplished the painting and calligraphy restoration project commissioned by Gushi Museum in its cultural relics preservation center.

On May 21 of 2020, an agreement was signed between Henan Museum and Gushi Museum on“salvage restoration on the paintings and calligraphic works collected in Gushi Museum”. For the past three years, Henan Museum, in strict accordance with restoration plans approved by Henan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage and following the principles of minimal intervention, maximum information retention and reprocessability, carried out salvage restoration on the 114 pieces (58 sets)of paintings and calligraphic works collected in Gushi Museum with scientific testing combining with traditional mounting and restoration skills for the purpose of scientific protection on cultural relics. Detailed restoration archives were set up during the process of its implementation, furthermore, advice on display and conservation environment for these cultural relics after restoration were also offered, which received positive compliments from both the expert group and Gushi Museum.

After debriefing and on-site inspection, the expert group agreed that cultural relics in this project had been suffering severe disease which were difficult to restore within a short period of time, however, it achieved a good result ultimately. These cultural relics were restored to their original appearance and their lifetime were extended by this restoration project, moreover, they can continue to play their values in history, art, education and research.