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Henan Museum enters campuses and communities on International Museum Day
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Time: 2023-05-22 16:30:35

Henan Museum enters campuses and communities on International Museum Day

Campus activities

To activate and utilize culture and museum resources and strengthen the initiative of teenagers to protect, inherit and develop cultural heritage, traditional culture seeding project of Henan Museum was invited to campus and communities to carry out themed activities on “cultural relics speaking and museums nurturing growth”, and they also took an educational picture exhibition “My hometown is located along Yellow River”with them, meanwhile, red-scarf tour guides of Henan Museum launched themed presentation and virtual online narrations, and all these activities were carried out to explore “talking” history and experience the wonderful world in museums.”

“What day is May 18? And how does it relate to museums? ” “Why are museums regarded as huge schools?” “Can cultural relics speak? And how cultural relics make an appeal?”

The play presents the story of cultural relics

In campus, traditional culture educators of Henan Museum took exploring questions to guide teenagers to come closer to variegated museum from four aspects including “pleasant to see, listen, learn as well as play”, which offer teenagers an immersive tour experience of Henan Museum.In the session of “cultural relics script interpretation” and “everyone is a national treasure guardian”, teenagers reenacted the stories behind cultural relics combining their knowledge with their imagination by creating situations and story interpretation.
 “Museum, as an important culture palace,is also a huge school to cultivate teenagers in the new era.Activities of museum entering campus which demonstrates the new dynamic of “museum & education”build an bridge for children to learn more about excellent traditional history and culture”, said by Mr. Zheng, director of No. One primary school of Weiwulu.

Museum education activities into the community

Moreover, on May 21, the Central Plains culture and history publicity team of Henan Museum, consisted of tour guides and volunteers, also entered Jinshui community to give the teenagers an experiential course on “walking in the bone-inscription world to feel the charm of Chinese character.