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The exhibition “Small but Beautiful - Treasures of Cultural Heritage from Luxembourg” opens at Henan Museum
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Time: 2024-03-28 09:10:00

On March 27 of 2024, the exhibition “Small but Beautiful-Treasures of Cultural Heritage from Luxembourg” opened to the public at Henan Museum, which is hosted by Cultural and Tourism Department of Henan Province, and Henan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage, and jointly organized by Henan Museum, and National Museum for Archaeology, History and Art, Luxembourg.


This exhibition of 210 pieces (sets) treasures from the collection of the National Museum for Archaeology, History and Art, Luxembourg, will provide a glimpse into the history of Luxembourg in a chronological order with three chapters: Luxembourg in Prehistoric era and ancient era, Luxembourg in the Middle Ages and Luxembourg in modern times, with emphasis on the development of multi-culture and economy of this fascinating country.

This exhibition is an exchange between Henan Museum and the National Museum for Archaeology, History and Art of Luxembourg (MNAHA) following “The origins of Chinese civilization exhibition” hosted by MNAHA in 2018, which is also a significant project to boost the cultural exchange between China and Luxembourg with the initiation of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg "Air Silk Road". The success of this exhibition shall further the friendship, cultural exchange and mutual-learning  between the two sides, and enhance mutual understanding between China and Luxembourg.



Ms. Zhang Min, vice-governor of The People’s Government of Henan Province,stressed in her speech that a total of more than 200 pieces (sets) of cultural relics from Luxembourg came to Henan by Zhengzhou-Luxembourg “Air Silk Road” and presented a cultural feast for the Chinese people. It is believed that this exhibition is a brand-new and good beginning for the cooperation between the Central Plain and Luxembourg, and shall promote the people of the two countries to launch a new chapter in the Silk Road of mutual understanding and mutual learning.

Mr. Roland Reiland, Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to the People's Republic of China, mentioned in his speech that this is the first time that Luxembourg's cultural relics with such a rich variety have arrived in China. Though this excellent cooperation, Luxembourg represents moreover a gateway for relations between China and the European Union which also include engaging in a dialogue of ideas, art and values.

Ma Xiaolin, director of Henan Museum, in the address said :“The diverse cultures of "harmony in diversity" have given birth to civilization, and the exchange and mutual learning of "harmony generates vitality" can promote the progress of civilization. We look forward to closer cultural exchanges and economic and trade interactions between China and Luxembourg, as they can further advance the development of both sides and create a more harmonious and prosperous life.”

“I wish all visitors a stimulating journey through the history and present of a small country in Europe. May their visit help to deepen the understanding of our respective cultures and thus to strengthen the friendship between Luxembourg and China,”said Mr. Michel Polfer, director of National Museum for Archaeology, History and Art, Luxembourg.

Civilizations have become richer and more colorful with exchanges and mutual learning. Hopefully, this exhibition shall stimulate cultural resonance between the two countries, and jointly contribute to China and Luxembourg carrying forward the Silk Road spirit in the new era.

The exhibition continues until August 4.